One of my many ambitions for 2019 is to produce MORE content via this platform that is true to myself in all realms- positive, negative, vulnerable and real. I am coming closer to grasping the concept that I am not for everyone. Another’s approval of me does not authenticate or solidify who I am as a person,  just as someones inability to see my worth does not decrease my value. I am not easily defined. I am made up of countless intertwining triggers and thoughts, and I want this blog to unwaveringly represent all that it is that makes me the contented contradiction that I am.

“your art

is not about how many people

like your work

your art

is about

if your heart likes your work

if your soul likes your work

it’s about how honest

you are with yourself

and you

must never

trade honesty

for relatability”

-rupi kaur

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